Zappermint’s referral system

At Zappermint, we’re all about empowering developers and users of mobile applications. So when we designed our decentralized ZAPP token sale referral system, we wanted to make sure that people’s data and privacy were maximally protected. Our referral system works without email addresses or accounts! Wonder how? Be sure to continue reading.

The referral concept

Zappermint’s future depends on a strong and active user base. The more people that integrate and use our system, the better it will work for all parties involved. It’s important that we grow our user base from the get-go. Our token sale is where our first users will show their interest in our system, so why not reward them for it?

Anyone who purchases at least 2.000,00 ZAPP ($100) during our token sale, will receive a referral code. This referral code can be used by your followers, friends and family, for which both they (the referees) and you (the referrer) get 5% bonus of the referee’s purchase.

Example of a breakdown of referrals, available on your profile

Sounds great, and there’s more!

For those that really show off their dedication, we have some additional bonuses as well. Our top 5 referrers will get extra ZAPP sent to their wallet when they claim their tokens. The leaderboard updates regularly on your dashboard, so make sure to check it there if you’re interested in winning these prizes!

Example leaderboard ranking, shown on your profile

The rewards are as follows:

Example referral leaderboard (left) and prizes (right)

So what about this decentralized system?

Most referral system we know require you to enter an email address or create an account. This saves your precious private data on centralized systems, which are at risk of breaches and leaks. At Zappermint, we truly value your privacy, which is why our referral system is email- and account-free.

How did we achieve this?

By completely integrating the referral system into our smart contract, which is deployed on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain. The smart contract is responsible for generating your referral code, which is tied to only your wallet address. Whenever your code is used, the smart contract will perform some magic to assign the bonus ZAPP to your wallet.

The ZAPP token sale smart contract handles wallets & referral codes

Our smart contract is fully open-source, so feel free to check it out on our GitHub, or have a look at the verified contract on Etherscan.

Our smart contract’s address will be specified on our token sale website, as well as our social media. Always verify you have the correct address, to avoid scams. We will never personally message you the contract address.

Early adopter promo

For the early birds among us, referral links usually come with a downside: you won’t have a referral code to use for your own purchase, meaning you’re missing out on the 5% bonus of your own contribution.

5% contribution bonus during our 3-day early adopter promo

For you, we introduce an early adopter promo! During the first 3 days of our token sale, you will get the 5% bonus either way, without the need for a referral code. This bonus is valid on all contributions while the promotion is active. Quick, go grab those free ZAPP tokens before it’s too late!

Let’s talk token sale

Here’s a few pointers about our token sale specifics. If you have any other questions, you can find us on Telegram and Discord.

Example ZAPP token reservation on the token sale website

When does the token sale start and end?

The token sale opens on January 14th, 2021, at 7PM CET and closes on February 14th, 2021, at 7PM CET. If the hard cap has been reached before the end date, the contract will automatically close itself and all further payments will be refunded automatically, except for your gas fees.

When does the referral program end?

The referral program is active during the entirety of our token sale, so it also ends February 14th, 2021, at 7PM CET.

Where can I buy ZAPP tokens?

After connecting your wallet to our website through MetaMask, click on the Reserve ZAPP tokens button. From there, you can enter how much ETH you’d like to spend and fill in an optional referral code, if you have one. The summary will show you how much ZAPP you will receive for your purchase.

How do I get my (bonus) ZAPP tokens?

All tokens and prizes are saved within the smart contract. These can be claimed starting from the ZAPP claiming day, March 14th, 2021, at 7PM CET. Our token sale website will include a claim button, which will send the ZAPP to your wallet. You’ll have to pay for the gas fees though.

All ZAPP distributed for referral bonuses will be sent from Zappermint team reserve pool of 80,000,000.00 ZAPP.

Why does the rate of ZAPP tokens change?

To estimate how many ZAPP tokens you will receive, we calculate the rate by using Chainlink’s ETH/USD price feed oracle. The amount of ZAPP tokens you will receive, is based on the real-time price of ETH during your transaction. This may vary from the time at which you load our website to the time at which you confirm the transaction.

What happens if the soft cap hasn’t been reached?

If the soft cap hasn’t been reached, you will be able to claim your refund after the token sale. This can be done through the smart contract on Etherscan, or through our website. You will have to pay the gas fees accompanying the transaction at that time.

No ZAPP tokens will be distributed to anyone, including the bonus ZAPP you may have received from referrals and/or early adopter purchases.

What happens if I purchase before or after the token sale?

If you send ETH before or after the token sale, the transaction will fail and your ETH will be refunded. You will lose the gas fees though. Zappermint will not refund gas fees.

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